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Hello my fellow McRawrrers! I would like to say that anyone and everyone is welcome to read my blog (that's why it's public) but what's on my blog stays on my blog. I'm sixteen & I have a passion for baking and making stuff cuter than it already is. Try not to piss me off. I enjoy reading novels. Im a huge Tsubasa masuwaka , Xiaxue and Bubzbeauty fan. That's about it :)
Welcome to my blog!
Much love, Junex

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Hello blog-that-I-get-way-too-emo-on, why is it so hard for me to accept that I should probably let go and not be selfish and dragging him down. There are millions of other girls out there that are way more suitable for him. But why cant I be one of those millions of other girls? Why can't I be good enough. When will be my time to shine? I won't blame him if he left me, I mean come on. Seriously. I've been through quite alot like I've said before. My hopes and expectations have to be low, I need to be less jealous, I need to accept it and slowly let go. I have the experience. I remember these pain all too well. Being sick to the stomach. I need to fully change myself inorder to make myself atleast alittle better. My personality, my look, my way in life. I need to stop dreaming, stop being so stupid and foolish. There are other people with wayyy more servere problems than me . The only reason I write on here is I can't find the way or words to share my problems or perhaps, the strength or I really don't need to bother other people. I need to grow the fuck up. Stop crying all the time. I wish I could end all of it already but I can't, I can't. Why? Because I'm still in love with you. I have a soft spot for you so if I do ge the words out I'll probably take it all back in. So i have to prepare myself for the worst and just hope that YOU do it soon. Because everyday i fall deeper and deeper for you. I'm afraid the longer you take to do it.. The harder and longer it is for me to get out of this hole. I once used to believe in forever but it's too good to be true. Silly. Nobody really likes you junniee. What were you thinking?

The sensitive fuck who is way too emo and is a waste of earth's space