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Hello my fellow McRawrrers! I would like to say that anyone and everyone is welcome to read my blog (that's why it's public) but what's on my blog stays on my blog. I'm sixteen & I have a passion for baking and making stuff cuter than it already is. Try not to piss me off. I enjoy reading novels. Im a huge Tsubasa masuwaka , Xiaxue and Bubzbeauty fan. That's about it :)
Welcome to my blog!
Much love, Junex

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Time for me to start fresh c: . So basically I just deleted like 3/4 of my blog posts away and only kept some posts from 2013. I wanted to start fresh, I'm sure no one comes and reads my blogs anyway, it's just a way for me to express my feelings so therefore, I'm always emotional on my blog and I know that some of my previous posts are emotional as well but haha, I didn't have the heart to delete them off just yet because what I felt, has not gone away. Unlike 3/4 of my other posts. It's time for me to grow up and start fresh c: . SO basically, my first posts was like on 12/6/2009. actually no it was before that but on this blog it was on 2009. I've gone through alot of things so my blog was always full of rants and stuff. I'm trying to not rant and be all emo all the time. I can't help what I feel though, T_T no one can explain it. I just really can't be alone with myself...... that's why I'm always trying to occupy myself with people and that's also why I'm a chatterbox it's because when I'm alone. it's scary. anyway so yeah. HERE'S TO A NEW START!