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Hello my fellow McRawrrers! I would like to say that anyone and everyone is welcome to read my blog (that's why it's public) but what's on my blog stays on my blog. I'm sixteen & I have a passion for baking and making stuff cuter than it already is. Try not to piss me off. I enjoy reading novels. Im a huge Tsubasa masuwaka , Xiaxue and Bubzbeauty fan. That's about it :)
Welcome to my blog!
Much love, Junex

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I'm so sorry for the lack of updates but I'm back! Lots of things have happen these past few weeks for example; I went blonde.

so yeah, it came out brighter than I expected and to be honest, I was shitting bricks and panicking because I wasn't used to the colour on me but I grew to love it and accepted it HAHAH. I dyed my hair because (this is gonna sound stupid) I was upset and I needed a distraction so yeah I dyed my hair, Too bad it's now more of an orangey kind of colour like this; 

well yeah, but I love both when it was bright and the colour my hair is now. HAHA 

OH I've been wanting to get some piercings on my left ear for a while now and 2 weeks ago I finally went all "Y.O.L.O" and did it and here is what it looks like; 

HAHAH it doesn't look cool enough for me but I can't wait to be able to change the earrings gawshhhh I must be patient this time TT______TT . I love it tho :). The earrings are actually small golden hearts but they look more like circles in pictures!

Oheres a random pic of me in blue hair;
^got bored the other day,

okay so... the reason why I made this post was not because I wanted to talk about my hair,piercings etc 
I wanted to rant alittle. 
So here goes, Alright.

 I can't do this. I hate feeling like this. I know you need your space and I know you don't feel like talking but I miss you. I freaking. freaking miss you so much until a point where it really hurts. I wanna be able to talk to you, I wanna hear your voice, I wanna hear you sing but I can't.. and I'm trying my best to show that it's really okay when it isn't. I know I sound alittle like 
P/s you're so pretty laina T_T 

oh where was I.. OH, okay well, yeah I sound like her^ but I can't help it and you can't blame me. I hate feeling this way but I feel it all the time, I know whatever we have is one-sided but I don't care.. and I'm too big of a fool to let go. I'm weak. I'm not as strong as I used to be, I wish I was but I'm not. I'm happy you leave me messages though it's thoughtful of you, I understand you're going through a hard time and you don't want to put it out on me but.. I still can't help but feel the way I do. 
Love you, kejidiot.

Anyway since I don't wanna end my post with my rants, Enjoy pictures of food!

okaiis that's it for now.