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Hello my fellow McRawrrers! I would like to say that anyone and everyone is welcome to read my blog (that's why it's public) but what's on my blog stays on my blog. I'm sixteen & I have a passion for baking and making stuff cuter than it already is. Try not to piss me off. I enjoy reading novels. Im a huge Tsubasa masuwaka , Xiaxue and Bubzbeauty fan. That's about it :)
Welcome to my blog!
Much love, Junex

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I'mma blog about my trip, haha so this was in China, I bought this QQ drink and this freaking cup was huge like damn C PLUSPLUS YO, not only was it cheap but it was tasty as well
 this is some random building near my hotel that I took HAHAHA for absolutely no reason!
 I thought that these stairs were purdy purdy inrl but it looks crappy on cam, so unphotogenic stairs is unphotogenic
These are some Japanese snacks that I bought from the japanese department store near my hotel

so I decided to spoil myself alittle and bought this new juicy couture wallet haha I had a hard time picking between 3 of them the other two were in Black and Blue so.. AHHAA how can I betray my favourite colour :)

i took this selfie at this high class steamboat restaurant and the waiter was looking at me so I felt embarrassed but I pretended like I was a confident lil fishie HAHAHAHAHAh

 ah forever 21, man did I buy alot of clothes
 this was a famous tourist attraction opposite of forever 21 also famous for the shopping :)

 ^these are some clothes i bought from forever 21
 I packed some prezzies for my buddies that I bought on vacation

 I had to carry this bag around because the bag I was using the day on our reunion was too small to put all of the gifts in TT

Nachos and baked potato chicken @ Cheezbox w Winnie, Karyn & XL

Photos from reunion dinner; 


A trip to Seria; 
so I decided to bring my "City" girls to my hometown haha and I had such a blast it was really a fun day for me and I bumped into some of my old friends so yeah, overall such a fun and well spent day

Trip to HK & China; 

Cute penguin balloons at my hotel's Lobby

I really love the design of this hotel though, the room is small ( not suprising since it's in Hk) but it has a modern feel and the price is appropriate.

 Oh i love this pizza shop! The pizzas are fresh and delicious and not to mention, HUGE!

These are quotes on a menu from a cafe called "sweet tooth" I love it. All the desserts I had in the shop was sooooooooo goood!

Random Hongkong food; 

Cute plushie shop; 

Random hotel room with great interior design as well; 

Ajisen Ramen Restaurant; 


Some ngeh nothing special desserts; 


On our car trip to china we stopped at a hotel to take our lunch and look what they had in their lobby a freaking aquarium for turtle HAHAH CUS FISHES ARE TOO MAINSTREAM!

 some food from the restaurant; 

Food from Food Court at our hotel;


 Random Miku Poster that caught my eye, I think it was for a cosplay convention; 

 Super good lime juice & famous hk porkchop bun; 

Random selfies; 

One of my favourite seafood dishes; 

Black and white burgers from McD ; 

Took some pictures while I was shopping w my brohoe; 

My new luggage and handbag that I bought on my trip; 

hotel room in macau; 


 Fat burger's ; 

Starbuck's desserts; 

Yummy in my tummy boba;

Inside of the "3 flavoured Porkchop bun" ;

Korean icecream; 

Looking at this makes me hungry...

Potatoskins with onions and bacon; 

Mango Mousse; 

Nitrogen Durian Icecream; 

Hongkong Transportation; 

In the car w le cuzzie and the bro ; 

The three of us aren't fans of hellokitty but LOL we took alot of pichas; 

Come buy's Boba; 

On the train; 


Near this restaurant is a place where they sell seafood and stuff so basically its really cool because you have to go to the market to buy these seafood urself and bring it to the restaurant and they will cook it for you! 

in durh lift in our hotel; 

During Breakfast on my last day; 

kawaii rilakkuma wedding cake

Made some oreoballs for Tash & winnie; 

Went to tash's ;

That's it for now.

Much love,