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Hello my fellow McRawrrers! I would like to say that anyone and everyone is welcome to read my blog (that's why it's public) but what's on my blog stays on my blog. I'm sixteen & I have a passion for baking and making stuff cuter than it already is. Try not to piss me off. I enjoy reading novels. Im a huge Tsubasa masuwaka , Xiaxue and Bubzbeauty fan. That's about it :)
Welcome to my blog!
Much love, Junex

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For you

I'm in a long distance relationship. Being in a long distance relationship can be hard, it's just like a normal relationship except you can't do all the physical stuff like.. hug..kiss..cuddle..etc . It can be hard. It can be very very hard. I'm in love with him, he doesn't always see that but I do.. I really do. I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes haha, no one can compare to him. There is never a time where I'm not thinking about him, and I miss him all. the. time. I want to spend everyday with him and when I don't spend much time with him I ache inside.

You see.. I know I can be annoying and I'm always saying corny and dorky things. I like to share how I feel about you alot of the time because I'm not ashamed of how I feel. I want you to know how I feel. I'm worry way too much about you hehe and sometimes when you're out and all and I don't leave you a message or how sometimes I don't sound energetic or excited, it's not because I don't want to talk to you or I'm not excited it's not, it's something else. I love talking to you, I really do and you're worth all of my time. Every moment, every second. When I make you mad or upset and we don't really solve it out and you're ignoring me, I feel so sick, every part of my body aches and especially my heart and if I have to sleep with that pain.. I have trouble sleeping and the next morning, when I get up the same feelings come back, as if it never left not because you're ignoring me though.. but because I'm guilty and I feel so bad to a point where the only thing that could make me feel better is if I know that you're okay. You're that one thing that can make me feel better. I love you so much, I love every part of you and it hurts me everytime you say something negative about yourself and that is the reason why I made that lame bet with you. I think you're cute, goodlooking, funny, attractive, loyal, honest, talented....there are so many good qualities about you and I know that you love me too :) . I can get jealous pretty easily but that's because I hate the fact that I have to share my kawaii kareshi who is a baka baka baka to anyone else! hmph! you belong to me and only me. At times like these I just feel like...

When you're out and stuff all I want to do is wrap myself with a blanket and roll on the floor like a potato. Nothing seems fun, I feel nothing. My whole world revolves around you and I miss you too much to even bother to do anything.There are so many reasons why I love you.. all the little things count and you have no idea how happy you make me feel. I feel so useless and sad when you're depressed because I can't cheer you up but I'm always trying.. you're SO entertaining and lovely even when you're playing your game and your focus isn't necessarily on me and you're not talking much. I don't mind, I love observing you. I love it. I love everything about you. Now I'm sorry if at times you realize, I'm not that cute, I'm not that pretty, I'm not that smart, I'm kinda annoying, I'm tad abit boring, I'm childish or how sometimes I accidentally do something that makes you jealous or I hurt you. I'm sorry! I'll try my best to improve myself. You're so awesome and sweet (just the right amount) and caring and wonderful.. I just.. cant believe, you're mine sometimes.. I wanna stay up with you all the time but hehe these days I've been falling asleep alot opssiee ;n; (sorry) . I would do anything for you and all I ask in return is for you to love me, be proud of me, see my best qualities and say that everything is going to be okay:) and also, open up to me. I'm a girl so when you compliment me I feel 
eventhough I might not agree with you but it does feel good :3 . All I'm trying to say is I love you, I can't wait to meet you and do all the normal couple stuff that we currently cant. I ache for you, I trust you and rfoieofjefrejrejorejrejfreoijef I want us to last forever.

from now till forever.

Much love,